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Monday, September 24, 2012

Hell of a Two Weeks

Two weeks ago (Monday, September 10th) I started a new paralegal job at a new law firm.  I would love to comment on my work as a paralegal and definitely have some interesting stories, particularly about my last position, but I just believe that it would be too impolitic to do so.  (As they say, "Don't shit where you eat.")  I can't afford to jeopardize my professional life over loose-lipped blog entries on the off chance the twain should somehow meet.

Anyway, starting a new job is disquieting by itself, especially when there was absolutely no one to train me.  I've moved to a small office that only had one paralegal, but she had already moved on to her new job by the time I got in here after working my two-week notice at my last job.  So as if a change in position wasn't stressful enough, during those two weeks I also had:
  • A broken crown replaced
  • A second crown break off
  • Two doctors tell me I had a lump in my breast, which had to be cleared up with a mammogram and turned out to be literally nothing (Men can get lumps in their breasts and need mammograms, too)
  • A moderate-impact car accident (No one seriously hurt)
Suffice it to say that I am thoroughly over it!  I can't imagine what my new boss thinks of me (drama queen, no doubt), but I've tried to remain as professional and productive as possible while all of this has been going on.  I basically spent the entirety of this past weekend in bed; I just couldn't be bothered with consciousness.  I may take a(nother) short hiatus from this blog so that I can just catch up with my life.