Seeking joy and meaning in a joyless mind and meaningless existence

Thursday, February 4, 2010

"In My Vision of a King"

Years ago in my mind,
Hope began to sing
Of love and happiness
In my vision of a King.

Through the pain and pressure
Of life's bitter sting,
I find the strength to go on
In my vision of a King.

Waiting, waiting, waiting
While the death bells ring.
I live my life by what I see
In my vision of a King.

And though the day may never come,
To this I still cling.
Because my every dream lives
In my vision of a King.


While I enjoy some of the lyricism and imagery of this poem, its meaning is incomprehensible to anyone but myself.  Back in high school, I was really into mysticism and portents.  On my sixteenth birthday, a birthday to which I ascribed a lot of importance, thinking that's when my "real" life would begin, I did a form of scrying where you randomly open the Bible and read the first verse you see.  I did this a few times, and two or three verses (enough me to assign meaning to it) mentioned the word "king."  I was convinced that that word had some significance to my destiny and the realization of my dreams.