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Monday, July 30, 2012

Another Wasted Day

It's been a helluva day in both my professional and my personal life.  It would be cathartic to write about both situations, but I feel it would be imprudent, even in a blog with readers you could count on one hand.  I've got to work to pay my way, and I've got to get along with my family.  I thought about using this as an excuse to drink and smoke again, but decided against it.  Before you think about congratulations, however, you should know that I only refrained because I simply didn't feel like getting sloppy drunk and smoking like a chimney, not because that was the sensible course of action.  As it was I got myself a calzone because that is what I felt like having to balm my soul.  I'm ignoring all of the things I should be doing to move my life in the right direction because I don't feel like doingor even thinking aboutthem.  Just as I am sinking deeper and deeper into debt because of a dollar here and a dollar there, so I am mortgaging my future one wasted day at a time.

God Hates Fags vs. Zombies Love Brains

The tiresomely predictable Westboro Baptist "church" staged yet another tiresomely predictable protest outside of a military base.  Happily, they were outnumbered 8-to-1 by zombies.  The organizers of the counter-protest said they went with a zombie theme because it is laughable and absurd like Westboro's alleged message.  Sadly all of the zombies starved as they could not find a brain cell among the Westboro crowd.

I love how these clowns can't leave the word "fag" out of their rhetoric (their website is after all), even when they talk to the media.  Just trying to sweeten the bitter pill of their hateful message with civil language is beyond them.  They are such an over-the-top caricature that some people accused them of being a deliberate foil for the pro-gay rights movement.  I may be pathetic, but at least I'm not pathetically laughable.