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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I Hate Glitterbombing!!!

In continuation of yesterday's "Why can't we all just get along?" theme, I have to get on my soap box about a "glitterbombing," which I also mentioned.

I want to scream every time I hear about this idiotic form of "protest"!  It's nothing but common assault, no matter how you try to spin it.  I don't care if the perpetrators feel justified since they target opponents of gay marriage (or an alleged transphobe, as in the case of Dan Savage).  I'm all for gay marriage and the freedom to live your personal life in any way you see fit, but that doesn't justify a "by any means necessary" tactic.  A glitterbomber's mindset is no different from that of a terrorist:  "My cause is so important that rules of civility or respect for others don't apply to me."  And they demonstrate the same cowardice inherent in the terrorist.  I would relegate glitterbombing as nothing more than domestic terrorism.

Maybe it's just the lens of my middle-aged sensibilities, but our nation seems increasingly divisive while our tolerance for dissent is shrinking.  I believe it's a function of an increasingly self-centered society.  We teach our children confidence and self-esteem, but not how to be decent citizens or to think of others.  Individualism is important and wonderful, but not to the extent where one believes that rules and limitations are for other people or that polite disagreement is a form of personal attack.

Glitterbombing self-defeats the causes it is supposed to advance and does nothing but entrench and solidify anti-LGBT sentiment.

Personal Roundup

I was off work today for the holiday.  Not only did I not spend the day in bed, but I also walked to the gym to work out.  The only problem I had was that before going to the gym, I had slipped on my dress shoes to go outside and get something from my car.  Unfortunately, because I'm a complete space case, I forgot to change my shoes before walking to the gym.  By the time I realized I was wearing my dress shoes (without socks!), I was too far along to go back, so I did my workout as is.  As for my numbers, my sobriety is trending up, but my debt and weight are the same or slightly worse.

Days Sober: 6
Weight: 261 pounds
Debt: $10,000