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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wham Bam Poetry Slam

Of all the artistic expressions, poetry is by far my favorite to do.  Unlike prose, which I have to painstakingly hammer out, I tend to write poetry in an inspired frenzy.  (At least I used to.  I haven't written a new poem in over a decade and a half.)  When I examine my own poetry, I see different layers of meaning than I recall consciously putting in as if my unconscious mind was getting its own voice.

I previously posted (somewhat randomly) one of my poems on this blog, and I think I'll start adding more.  I can't post my best work because posting a poem constitutes publication (even in a blog no one actually reads), and most poetry outlets won't consider previously published material.  If I do get a poem published (*cross fingers*), then I should be able to repost it at a later time because the rights usually revert back to the poet.

Speaking of which, I snail mailed a batch of poems to The Atlantic and uploaded a submission of probably the best poem I've ever written to Poetry magazine.  Unfortunately, I'll probably have to wait at least eight weeks before I'll hear anything, so I'll just have to wait and see.