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Friday, October 12, 2012

Little Johnny

"Reposting Week" continues.  In the vein of "Little Johnny" jokes, I give the visual humor below.  It's an oldy, but a goody.
I still have no idea where this selection came from or to whom to attribute credit.

Little Johnny and the Class Drawing

It was Friday morning, and that meant it was time for an activity that the teacher called "add to the picture."  The teacher would call students to the chalkboard one at a time.  The first student would draw an object on the chalkboard, and each following studen would add something to the picture to make it a new picture.

The teacher called on James to start things off:

James returned to his seat, and the teacher called on Ernie next:

Ernie returned to his seat.  Now it was Suzy's turn:

Suzy returned to her seat.  Next, the teacher called Jerry to the board:

Jerry returned to his seat, and Kim was called to the board:

After Kim returned to her seat, the teacher noticed little Johnny waving his arm hysterically.  Little Johnny was known for being dirty-minded, so the teacher was reluctant to call on him for anything.  But as the teacher looked at the drawing on the chalkboard, she thought that there was no way little Johnny could possibly due to make this picture dirty.  So she called on little Johnny, and he ran to the chalkboard:

Little Johnny had done it again!